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About Town of Claypool, Indiana

Claypool was platted in 1873.Th e post office in Claypool has been in operation since 1841.

Claypool was previously an important rail transportation hub because it was located at the junction of the Big Four and the Nickel Plate railroad lines.

One of Claypool's claims to fame is the fact that it is the hometown of two of Indiana's basketball greats, Judi Warren, who became the first Indiana Miss Basketball in 1976, and Kevin Ault, Indiana Mr. Basketball of 1996. Both played for Warsaw Community High School. Judi Warren was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame[11] in 2002.

A more controversial claim to fame was the local house church established for a time in the 1970s by Hobart Freeman.

Claypool was featured in an article in Time magazine in its September 8, 1980.

In 2006 Claypool was selected by Louis Dreyfus Agriculture Industries, a French Corporation, as the location for a new biodiesel manufacturing plant. Which is the largest biodiesel manufacturing plant in the state.


On April 17, 2018, Claypool adopted an official town flag. The flag was created by students at Claypool Elementary and presented to the town council, who voted to approve the flag design. The flag consists of two solid black lines representing the railroad tracks which run through the town, and were important in the town's history as mentioned above. The three stars represent the three main crops grown in the area; corn, wheat, and soybeans. The colors of the flag are orange, black, and white symbolizing the former Claypool High School and current Claypool Elementary School. Orange also represents basketball as the town is home to the state’s first Miss Basketball and the 1996 Mr. Basketball. The date, 1873, shows when the town was platted.

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